Client Services

Boot Camp

The intensive speech and cognitive therapy provided by Austin Speech Labs is structured in eight-week “Boot Camp” sessions. Our clients can come up to five days a week for three hours each day and receive individual, group and computer therapy. We build in one to two week breaks between Boot Camp sessions, so that our clients have time to absorb what they learned and apply it in their daily lives. It also allows clients and caregivers to see progress and decide if they need more therapy to achieve their goals and provide appropriate feedback to therapists at Austin Speech Labs.

The different types of therapy engaged at Austin Speech Labs all target similar focus areas including reading, writing, auditory processing, automatic speech, memory, cognition, conversation, vocabulary, and language.

Pricing: Therapy is offered at $10/hour. Please note that we offer a sliding scale to those who cannot afford our services.

Download our sliding scales form listed below.

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Individual Therapy

Clients work one-on-one with a trained speech therapist that assists them with their specific areas of need.

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Group Therapy

Clients are placed into groups based on their comprehension levels and common interests to work on the different speech and cognitive areas in a more social setting.

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Computer Therapy

Clients spend an hour working on various cognitive and language based therapy programs that supplement their individual sessions.



Teletherapy is offered to those clients who cannot come to the office for therapy.

Additional Therapy Programs

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Music Therapy

Music therapy allows clients a different way in which to find their words. Studies have shown a host of other benefits in addition to speech and communication.

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Book Club

Clients work together to select books for the reading group. Book club activity differs depending upon levels and interests but may include outside readings, leading chapter discussions and writing tasks.


Reading and Writing

Clients are assigned various writing tasks such as journal entries and essays. Writing is reviewed and edited by peers and clinicians. Clients practice reading skills at a customized level in a one-on-one setting with reduced distractions.

Tyler's Recovery

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