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Adi Mishra, Chair

Adi is currently leading the team at LightArrow. LightArrow makes all-in-one productivity apps for business owners and individuals to manage work and life in one place. 140,000+ users including solopreneurs, real estate agents, contractors, freelancers, property managers, investors, teachers, students and other business owners and individuals actively use LightArrow apps. Instead of wasting time looking for information scattered everywhere, LightArrow customers manage their contacts, calendars, inboxes, projects, finances, documents and all related information in a single app, allowing them to focus and act on what matters.

Before co-founding LightArrow in 2010, Adi had co-founded Legadero Software (Enterprise IT Portfolio Management), which was acquired by Borland in 2005. Adi was also part of the software leadership team at Tivoli when it was acquired by IBM in 1996, and continued a successful career at IBM in enterprise software, leading the development and delivery of Enterprise Deployment applications to the largest IT departments of awesome and demanding IBM customers across the globe.

After completing graduate school at the University of Texas at Austin in 1990, Adi has worked at successful Austin companies including Tivoli, IBM, MCC, Tonic Software, Arrowsmith Technologies, Legadero Software, and Borland. Adi started and grew his career in software development for the enterprise, and worked extensively to grow in the areas of product delivery, customer success, business development and executive management.

Adi enjoys building exceptional teams of doers, founding meaningful companies, delivering powerful software, making customers successful, building rewarding relationships, investing in people, and helping fellow-entrepreneurs and non-profits in Austin and elsewhere in the US.