Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Study

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Shilpa Shamapant, Sarah Bennett, Elise Boutin, Ashley Marnell, Shelley Adair, Mayra Carrera, Leah van Hee, Megan Bunsey, & Komal Sharma.

This study compared the effect that real stimulation via tDCS paired with vNEST treatment versus sham stimulation paired with vNEST treatment has on spontaneous sentence production.

Three participants received real stimulation and three received sham stimulation for 20 minutes during 3 hours of therapy, five days a week for three consecutive weeks and then continued with only vNEST treatment for five weeks.

Participants were trained 30 verbs and taught how to verbalize and write sentences using those verbs.

Results are currently being analyzed.

Inclusion criteria:

  • male or female
  • 20-85 years old
  • have suffered a left CVA
  • demonstrate 50% or greater on the Auditory Verbal Comprehension section of the WAB

Exclusion criteria:

  • have any other type of neurological condition
  • have any other medical conditions, such as seizures or implants
  • have suffered a right CVA
  • are receiving teletherapy