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Please join us as we amplify the way we take care of stroke survivors in Austin, TX and beyond! Our goal is $20,000. Schedule your donation now for February 28 - March 1 as the Austin community celebrates giving back!

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Amplify Austin Day 2018 was a huge success!

Austin Speech Labs cannot thank our supporters enough for the contributions made during our 2017 Amplify Austin Day Campaign. Thanks to you and St. David's Foundation, we raised over $22,000!!!

Amplify Austin 2018 Donors

Dick and Missy McCarroll

Brian Biediger

Shelley Adair

Kathy Bolstorff

Sydney Hamilton

McKenzie Scoppa

Gracie Humphrey

Shamapant Family

Sandy Hendricks

Irene Gundy

Caroline and Leo Ramirez Jr

Beth Rindfuss

Sherrie & Dr. Bob Frachtman

John Murphy

Mary Carmen Aviles

George and Heather McGinn

Gerald Carruth

Tiffany McKnight

Nancy Gresham

Nancy Hrncir Johnson

Gaby Villanueva

Andrew & Laura York

Kirsten Moriarty

Erika Humke

Christopher Orzeske

Bob & Peggy Dickerson

Sean Holcomb

Deanna Batsoutenko

Erin Lindsey

Alexis Poblete

Audrey Dickerson

Ginger Dean

Judith Helburn

Sonja Robinson

Stephanie Nisbett

Aimee Smith

Meeta Morrison

Kelly Kopecky

Kristi Keene

Leah & Jeremy Sholtis

Shilpa Shamapant

Mary & Steven Knebel

Dana McCartney

Gene and Joyce Stouder

James McFarland

Vic Martinez

Samanntha Wood

Evan Stack

Scott and Jamie Adkins

Juan Mata

Christy and Todd Oliver

The Washington Family

David Friend

Grace McGrath

Lisa Randa

Meg Bunsey

Shelley Adair

Craig Adair

Dena Jansen

Leigh Busby

Roberta Nelson

Hillary Windrem

The Busby Family

Melinda Meltzer

Dave and Sherry Mussett

Ernest and Betty Rocha

Jennifer Rocha

Jackie Ortiz

Marissa Rangel

M.C. Marnell

Jon and Donna Schubkegel

Natalie Nguyen

Ilene Barr

Dana Kent Hogan

Pat and Don Moore

Carolyn and Thomas Loew

Marc Ramsey

Luis Rodriguez

Carolyn Simon

Bri Fairley

Pam Guercky Koepke

Shirley Tiner

David Schoen

Cathie Moreland

The Parker Family

Rachel McCullough

Donnie and Sue Kemp

Marian Mussett

Jake and Chelsea Schwierking

Marco Castellanos

Danelle Kemp

Derron Podd

Adrienne Pingel

Scott Ishida

Judy Oldham

Maggie Rindfuss

Diana Holford

Carolyn Long

Nancy Wilson

Jeremiah and Laurel Fasl

Leticia Garcia

Jane Howard-Bynum

Jackie Theaker

Leah van Hee

Patti Halladay and Dr. Tom Hill

Jennifer Leach and Christina Fleuriet

Ramanjeet Gill

Kerri Kallus

Elizabeth and Charles Mallory

Susan Kirby

Gabriel Carrera

Jim and Susan Houchins

Dell Marcoux

Julie Cordiano

Laura Wiess

Sameer Qurashi

Seena Ounsinegad

Mary Beth and Dan Jester

Alice Toungate

Dolores Watkins

Lianne Pacl

Amplify Austin FAQ's

What is Amplify Austin?

It is the city’s community-wide day of online giving. The 24-hour period provides an easy and fun way for our entire community to give together while helping local nonprofits such as Austin Speech Labs.

When is Amplify Austin?

It starts at 6pm on March 1st and ends March 2nd at 6pm, 2018.

How can you help?

1) Create an online fundraising page. The page will be linked to our page and you can set a personal fundraising goal and get your friends to help you reach it. The goal can be as small as $100.

2) Send out an email or call your friends, family, and community and let them know how Austin Speech Labs has impacted your life, and how they can help with a small donation by going to:

To create a fundraising page or donate click here: Amplify Austin

3) Forward the emails Austin Speech Labs will send out during the month of February to your friends, family, and community so we can spread the word of what we are accomplishing, and how we can use their support. We will send out one email a week starting February 1st.

It cost Austin Speech Labs roughly $75 per hour to provide therapy. However, we are determined to keep our $10 per hour rate. We want to take advantage of a match given by St. David’s Foundation and get everyone on board with helping us reach our goal. Every little donation helps and we need you to help us continue to spread the word.


Austin Speech Labs

(Please contact- for further questions regarding how you can set up your own fundraising page)

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