Training Program

Austin Speech Labs Volunteer Program is dedicated to training undergraduate students about strokes, stroke prevention, and stroke treatment in order to help stroke survivors learn to talk again. Undergraduate students are trained through individual one-on-one sessions, working directly with stroke survivors. Students assist speech therapists as well as observe and interact with scientists. Additionally, volunteers observe speech therapists in group therapy and learn numerous therapy strategies and cueing hierarchy.

Volunteers are key to the success of our organization and help Austin Speech Labs provide the basic human need, communication, at a low cost and for as long as the stroke survivors need it.

Speech Therapy Undergraduate Students

Austin Speech Labs encourages speech therapy students to gain clinical knowledge and experience by volunteering with our program, working directly with clients and speech therapists.

Social Work Students

We are interested in students who want to pursue in the field of social work by providing counseling hours for our stroke survivors.

Speech-Language Pathology Graduate Students

Every semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer) we accept graduate students for externship placements to obtain clinical practicum hours with the adult population. If you would like more information about this program please contact our graduate student coordinator, Cassandra McGrath at

Pre-Med or Nursing Students

We are interested in nursing students to assist with our Check. Change, Control Program with American Heart and Stroke Association to provide Health Check-ups and monitor client and caregivier blood pressure levels on a weekly basis.