Did you know stroke can happen to anyone at any time? Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. Many stroke survivors suffer from aphasia. Aphasia can affect the ability to speak, understand speech, and even read and write. We challenge you to experience the shocking silence of stroke by participating in our #silencechallenge.

Silence Challenge

Stay silent for 1 hour during a time you are with other people. This includes reading and writing! If you can't make it the whole hour, donate $25 to Austin Speech Labs through our website donate button or paypal app. Share your experience on social media and challenge at least 3 others. Help us raise awareness of stroke and help those that have lost their voice!

What is your voice worth?

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Austin Speech Labs' mission is to provide low-cost intensive speech, language, and cognitive therapy for stroke survivors in Austin, Texas and tele-therapy across the state of Texas.

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Silenced by stroke at work, with grandkids, while cooking - too young! Let’s help them get their words back. Donate at austinspeechlab.org #whatisyourvoiceworth #silencechallenge

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